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What does it take to write a CV for Airline & Aviation staff?

Considerably more than the average CV writer can offer  


The Airline - Travel industry is complex, challenging and constantly evolving, and competition for jobs is intense.

To outmanoeuvre other candidates, your CV must set you apart by demonstrating a broad range of skill, flexibility to work unsocial hours, and a record of success. 

A tall order?  Yes, but certainly achievable!

To write a CV for airline and travel professionals requires a high standard of creative writing skill, combined with CV optimisation know-how and an accurate insight into what is expected by and works well with recruiters. 

Key skills to include initiative, organisation, multi-national communication, presentation, diplomacy and customer care, together with an ability to work effectively within multi-cultural teams - often at short notice.

A Perfect CV has many years of experience in writing good CVs for the following roles:                                 

Cabin Crew Pilot
Travel Consultant    Tour Operator
 Airport Marketing  Cabin Crew
 Passenger Service Agent     Overseas Consultant
 Air Product Manager  Air Travel Resourcer 
 Cabin Crew Co-ordinator     Customer Service Agent   
 Cabin Crew Manager   Travel Sales Consultant
 Cabin Crew Trainer   Passenger Service Manager   
 Flight Supervisor   Operations Controller
 Ground Operations Manager       Airport Services Representative 
 Ticket Desk Agent  Customer Service
 Senior Aircraftsman  Line Maintenance Engineer
Aircraft Technician  Aircraft Refuelling Technician












MBAs with expert copywriting skills and recruitment backgrounds, a Perfect CV´s writers possess the skill to ensure your travel and airline industry CV reflects your strengths, competencies, personality traits and results.   We focus on and accentuate your strengths - ensuring that your CV is a close match to your target job role

We know how important it is for your CV to  . . .

  • be explicitly informative and relevant to the job role 
  • project a confident, polished and professional image clearly,
  • yet succinctly outline initiatives and achievements
  • highlights qualifications, skills, experience and personal style
  • assists the reader to appreciate your credibility and suitability for the position

Your CV will demonstrate an impressive record of experience and achievements directly related to your target role in the aviation sector.  The following CV examples have been taken from CVs produced for successful clients:-

Cabin Crew

•  Commended for diplomatic handling of potentially high risk situation

•  Resolved two passenger issues requiring efficient decision-making

Customer Service Agent

• Managed a high volume of passenger complaints - the result of flight cancellations, involuntary re-routing and schedule changes

Ground Operations Manager

• Launched a successful scheduled service between Manchester and Cape Town - enhancing market profile and increasing revenue

Airport Marketing Executive

•  Demonstrated the business value of refocusing market activity on brand and service quality - an approach that increased catchment areas and passenger numbers despite intense competition


•  As holder of a UK ATPL Licence, totalled flying hours of 4503 of which 184 have been in command

•  First Officer BAe ATP with Manx Airlines and Loganair

Travel Sales Consultant

•  Promoted and compiled tailored travel itineraries and packaged holidays to the Caribbean, and exceeded all sales targets. 

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