A Perfect CV | 4 easy steps to writing a Perfect CV, Letter, Profile

Step 1

Email your CV and/or LinkedIn Profile URL for a free review. If you don't have a document, you can provide information by copying and pasting the Questionnaire into an email.

Step 2

Receive your free review and advice the same day.  If you like the recommendations simply place an order - select your SERVICE OPTION below

Step 3

Your personal Writing Consultant - an MBA and CPRW - and an expert in your career field - will contact you to discuss your career aim and obtain information to ensure the full scope of your career and results is included in your new CV or Profile.

A skilled interviewer, your consultant will resolve your concerns, neutralise weaknesses. Your career, projects, responsibilities and results will be reviewed in depth.  The websites of your past, present and prospective employers will be researched to gain insight into your work environment and objective to ensure a good match with your target.

Your consultant will write a CV and/or LinkedIn Profile that is clear, concise and convincing.

Step 4

Within 3 days (or a 24hr Express Service) you will receive the first draft of your new CV Resume or LinkedIn Profile for discussion by phone, Skype or Email. There is no limit to the number of revised drafts - we want you to be 100% happy with the result.

To send the right messages to the right people

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