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"These days it's so important when applying for jobs that you have an impressive CV, and if you want help this is an excellent site that will help you produce a CV that anyone will be proud of. I have used this service and it's made my CV look brilliant." http://www.uk.ciao.com/Writing_a_CV__Review_5070841

"The site is an excellent resource for anyone planning a career change" The Times

"This site is stylishly designed compared to other sites reviewed. The site does seem to be very professional, offering a service of the highest quality. Whether these claims can be backed up is another question. But, just looking at the way the site is designed and how it is written, it certainly appears to be well worth visiting." PC HOME Home Work Job Hunting Online Issue 99. p.33


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CV Resume - Clients

I would like to thank you for the time you took to work on my CV to ensure I was completely happy with it. I never thought my CV could look so professional.    I am now feel more confident about my CV.  I would like to use your services again with regards to applications and an interview consultation.   I will get back in touch with yourself in due course.  I am very pleased with the quality of your services and I am confident I will not be disappointed by what you have to offer. Nowsheen - Lawyer  

Just to let you know I've secured an ainterview.  Thank you so much for producing such a fantastic CV and letter of application - a first hit! I just need to keep my cool on the day now ... my husband will be in touch shortly. Angie Carter, Teacher of English, East Sussex and Dubai

I have received great feedback on the style, content and conciseness of the CV.  A number of interviewers commented positively on the way it was writte, presented and the quantity of information provided.  I started a new job on Tuesday.  Thank-you! Paul Randall, Training Development Director, Essex

I do sound rather a splendid candidate!  Some of the expressions you use are very good.   Dr Alexandra  ....., Leeds Met University

The CV looks great and has really clear and concise content. Exactly what law firms like. ndrew - Law Graduate, London

I have been reviewing my old emails and I realised I never gave you any feedback on the help you gave me with my job application - which was successful!  Many thanks for your help, it was very much appreciated. Chris Chapman, Engineer, Scotland

I searched a few sites on Google but liked  (1) your site content and wording and (2) some of the example CV extracts really targeted what I was looking for.  All in all your website and the wordsmithing on it were the winning factors.  Karl, Senior Technology Consultant, London

Having my CV professionally re-written by "A Perfect CV", was worth every penny.  By changing the wording and layout (without altering the basic content) I can now send my CV off to any prospective employer with confidence. Many, many thanks.  Colin Kershaw, UAE

Thanks so much for this - it's perfect! I couldn't have got even close to this quality without your input.  Your company name is well chosen!   Pat, Lawyer, London

A Perfect CV's service helped me prioritise my achievements.  It was invaluable in enabling me to put my experience in perspective and move confidently, with a proper focus on my particular strengths, into the job market.  RC, Marketing, London

I think the CV looks more professional and illustrates my skill set perfectly - thanks again. Lena, London SE12

Just to let you know that already I have been head hunted once by a big firm, and had two applications go to the next stage, all withn two weeks of me posting the CV you wrote.  Just goes to show that a well written CV can make people look  twice. Gary  HMS Somerset

I am so pleased I found you. A truly excellent service. President, The Law Society, Cheshire

Thank you very much for the value you added on my CV and letter, and for your professionalism and patience.  Franciska Toto, Spain

Just thought I would let you know that I managed to get an interview with the University of Oxford.  Thanks again for a great CV ... the rest is up to me! Rahima Khalifa, Manchester

The CV looks great, lovely job once again! Had three phone calls already.  Thank you. Jim Dawson, Bristol

I think the professional point of view that you were able to apply really changed the emphasis so that I might more readily satisfy the requirements of an employer. Rodrick Griffiths, Leeds

I'm happy with the CV/CL -  you brought them to a new level, more focused and with clean and powerful language. Thanks very much and best regards. Gonzalo, Madrid

When the word got out I'd need a CV, your name was recommended six times! Having just received my CV, I know why - the presentation is so professional and you have captured all my skills and experience. Thank you. Cheryl, J Sainsbury Plc Cheshire

Good news! I have been long listed and will undertake a detailed selection process on the 30th March. The reason for the long listing is that there were so many good applicants - thank you for ensuring I was one of them! Paula, NHS Trust, Bristol

Just a quick note to say thankyou. This will be the third time that you have successfully helped me in my career. Within the first few days I was interviewed and employed, I was nearly fighting them off! Jony, Leeds 

Just writing to let you know I have just been offered, and accepted, a job within a London based PR firm. I'm really pleased as I've been trying for ages. I sent my CV in to a job that said they needed experience, but the MD wanted to speak to me anyway. Initially, it was because he found my CV interesting, but then he began to think I could work there. We spoke for 2 hours - some on my CV, but most about the technology markets etc. wanted to say thank you for your efforts with my CV, as I'm sure I wouldn't have got it had it not been re-done. Once again, thanks. Chris, Graduate, London

Some months ago I asked you to create a CV for me as I was keen to join Tesco. I am pleased to tell you I have been successful and am currently in my second week of training and enjoy it very much. Your CV helped me to get a foot in the door and I am very glad I used the service you provide. Thank-you. Valmai Jones, Birmingham

Thank you for my perfect CV - the quality of jobs the CV has opened up for me is awesome!  Last night I emailed my cV out to quite a few agencies and all have replied and are wanting interviews with me, due to my CV.  Debbie Picken, Sales Manager, Cardiff

Looks fantastic, the speed and professionalism of your service has made this exercise worthwhile. Kamran - Head of IT, London

Thank you for a CV that I am truly proud of and for your encouraging words. Fiona - PR Marketing, Switzerland

Warm greetings from Swissotel Beijing. Thank you for my updated CV - you've integrated the new, yet kept the CV succinct. Martin - Recreation Manager,

Looks great. You've halved the volume and doubled the content value. Thanks a million. Sean - Sales Director, Dublin

Absolutely no complaints with your latest version of the CV, and the letters are great.  Thank you very much for making it so much more focussed and comprehensive. With regard to finding your website, I found it through Google.co.uk -  I honestly scoured the web for a number of hours within the last week or two trying to find a service that seemed reliable and professional.  When I found your website however, I 'was sold'... if you could sell yourself and your services through such good presentation and content I was convinced that you could do the same with my CV - it was the obvious choice compared to the multitudes of websites I had visited. Lara de Vries, France

Many thanks for your revised proof, timely support and productive advice.  Karen Megranahan, Ireland

Many thanks for CV and letter.   You've done a great job - I would certainly employ me! Simon Clifton, Glasgow

I must say that your company exhibits a high level of professionalism at affordable prices. The CV looks brilliant! Joseph - BA Business and Communication, Reading Berkshire

What can I say! The recruiters were so impressed they asked for your contact details. David - Construction Services Engineer, Hong Kong

I was selected from hundreds. Peter - PriceWaterhouseCooper, Newcastle

Thanks very much for the latest CV. I think it's as close to perfection as I wanted it to be. I shall recommend your services to friends of I who might need your expertise. Bruno Lefeuvre, Germany

You are truely a master of words. thank you very much for the letter, I am very pleased and shall start my job search as of tonight. Nakia Garriques, Holland

I would like to thank you for all your help and patience. I really do appreciate the effort and time you have put into my CV and cover letter. Tina - Director / Business Development Manager, Italy

You were right - I didn't think that less could turn out to be more! Rachel - Sales Assistant, Nelson

My colleague took his CV to bed he was so impressed. Now you have completed mine I understand why and I've recommend you to colleagues throughout LloydsTSB. Andrew, Regional Manager, Edinburgh

Wow! Is that really me! I'll definitely recommend you to my friends. Sandra - Watch & Jewellery Consultant, Cayman Islands

As usual, you have done a wonderful job and my CV is very impressive, if I do say so myself! Kathy - Secretary, Suffolk

Thank you very much. You've got rid of the rambling, and added skills I forgot I had. Fantastic! Brand Manager, York

Just to let you know, the CV worked. I'll happily be throwing away the surplus copies. Claire - Nurse, Edinburgh

Many thanks for your brilliant help. My start date is 12th July. Thanks again for your help throughout. Michael - IT Consultant Manchester

I thought at my age I'd have no chance, but your CV convinced the decision-makers and I've secured a 6 month interim consultancy. MBA Ilkeley, Yorkshire

How have you managed to say so much in so few words? Ian - Operations Superintendent, East Riding


Application Letters - Clients

Thanks for the letter. You've matched my skills exactly to their requirements, and highlighted my most relevant achievements. Just great! Will be using your services again soon no doubt!!! Danielle - Promotions Manager, Wirral

Thanks for the letter. First impressions are that it looks great! I With kind regards, Marc - Group Marketing Manager, Dubai

I am delighted with my cv! Please go ahead and send to James Metzger - thank you for this. You'll receive contact from my good friend, Alizon soon. She is a scientist. I hope you will be able to help her too! I'll keep in touch! Warmest regards, Jackie - Facilities Manager - Huntindon 

Interview Coaching Clients

I had my interview this morning for the FD position with a headhunter and have made the shortlist of 5 to meet the MD. Thank you very much for the assistance in the mock interviews. I believe this has made a significant difference to my interview technique. Derek, Finance Director London

Thanks for the interview training this morning - it won't be long now before I have a job! And two days later ... They've offered me a temporary contract with a view to permanency. I'm so relieved - thank you. Richard, Business Analyst, Prestwich

Just a quick email to thank you for helping me with my CV and interview technique.   I went for an interview at Diageo in Scotland and got the job.  Its permanent to which is what I was looking for,   Many thanks,   Charlotte McCarthy  

Helga coached me through interview questions and the best way to articulate my skills. In one month I had 5 positions offered via recruitment agents and headhunters and was offered 4 jobs. 2005 & 2011  Anonymous

Application Questions & Statements

Thank you, I really like the way you answered my application form.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and the service you provided me was outstanding. Gintare Sribykyte, Systems Analyst, London

Thought you may like to know I have just received my first invitation for interview (from first application) from one of Britain's leading pharmaceutical companies. This was a speculative application with no application form therefore I believe the quality of the CV will have played an important role. THANKS!. Hope all is well and A Perfect CV is going strong. Stuart, Project Engineer, Scotland

I think the answer to question two reads much better now and I'm very pleased with all my answers. Thank you for all your hard work, its much appreciated, just hope I get a job now!!! Joanne - Marketing Graduate, Cheadle

I've read the final answers and I am happy with them. Thank you very much for your hard work and patience. Many thanks. Nadya - IT Support Analyst, Streatham

Thanks a million for the statement it is just great. Just hope he can live up to it!! Regards, Sheena, PR Media Communications, Wimbledon


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