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Career Crossroad? It Helps to Know What You Don't Know

Job seekers can get stressed at the thought of changing a career path.  Why?   Fear of the unknown!  Uncertainty as to the value of their Skill sets! ... Read more 

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Adzuna reveals the UK's Best and Worst Jobs

Miners and Couriers are the worst occupations in the UK according to the latest research from job search engine Translators and Web Developers were crowned as the best jobs of 2013. Doctors and Pilots suffer the most stress at work, while Travel Agents and Supermarket Cashiers have the worst outlook for 2014..... Read full article

Need a Strikingly Perfect LinkedIn Profile?

One thing's for certain!  In today's job market, you can't expect job offers by simply posting your CV Resume on LinkedIn!  Succinct, Super Interesting, Crystal Clear and Convincing profiles are .... Read full article

If You Are a Graduate seeking an Internship, you'll need a Perfect CV.

What top employers look for in a potential intern? Research indicates that graduates who can offer practical work experience are most likely to develop the skills employers seek in an Intern .. Read full article

Degree results matter: Getting a First or 2:1 worth £500k over working life

Graduates with a 2:1 or higher earn £10k per year more than those with a 2:2 or Third. A 2:2 grade just isn't enough in a job market where there are over 50 graduates competing for every job .. Read full article

25,000 Jobs Despite Rising Unemployment Among 16-24 year olds

The job market this summer for students, university leavers and young part time workers is booming with over 25,000 part time jobs up for grabs in June.  Summer Jobs despite Rising Youth Unemployment  .. Read full article

How Integrating Social Media Can Help Build Your Company's Online Brand

It's now a well known fact that having an online presence is essential to developing and sustaining a competitive edge - especially in a  market downturn - and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are today's undoubted market leaders. .. Read full article

Can an online CV get you hired? 

The likelihood is a resounding yes!  With growing numbers of savvy recruiters and hiring managers recognising the benefits of searching for candidates online, it makes sense to get creative and optimise your visibility with an online CV.  . . Read full article

The Perfect Way to Attract Top Executive Recruiters

A client recently asked me this question, "Is there a perfect way to attract the interest of executive recruiters, head-hunters, and the top global consulting firms?"  Without hesitation, I answered, "Yes"  - with the proviso that . . . Read full article

InterimJobs: The Age of the  Online Freelancer

There was a time when the words 'interim' or 'freelance' conjured up images of someone struggling to survive, unable to compete in the professional arena and now resorting to ad hoc work for peanuts. Not any more! Read full article

20 Top Job Winning Tips

Need to find the right job? Here's a guide to researching the market, networking, writing a CV and Cover Letter, getting an interview and winning a job you'll love. Read full article

Job Search Revolution - job seekers are using Social Media to search for that dream

Over 50% of all jobseekers ow leverage their personal and professional networks on social media to find work.  Read more ...

How to Find The Perfect CV Writing Service

Jobseekers today are faced with many challenges, not least when seeking the services of a CV writing company.  The CV writing market is overcrowded - flooded with perplexing promises and uncertain guarantees  ..  Read full article

Top Future Technical Jobs and Resume to Take Control of Your Career

Whether a Mobile Application Developer or a Software Engineer - applying for a job with a perfect Resume will increase your opportunity to land your target IT job  . . Read full article 

Top Jobs - Top Salaries - Top Cities - find a perfect UK Job

IT has been the top hiring sector of 2012, creating 1.1 million advertised job vacancies, while the Engineering sector look set to grow in 2013, according to latest research from job search website The UK has been awash with demand for . . . Read full article

Eight Steps to Keep Your Job in a Market Downturn

One recurring question I am asked by people at different stages in their career is,
"How best can I protect my job when the market is bleak?"
The reality is that, as organisations struggle to survive, everyone is at risk .. Read full article 

Power of the Web in your Job Search

For jobseekers, the internet can be a hugely valuable tool, with social media having the ability to connect an individual to almost any company ... Read full article »

Does your personal branding need exposure?

Large corporations have understood for many years that creating an effective brand increases exposure, product interest, growth and - inevitably - profitability.  Your personal brand works the same way and building an online image that produces the right picture of you is vital to attracting .....    Read full article »

Social Media 

Are you struggling to improve your job search results?  Perhaps it's time to to develop your Social Media Profile.  Social media sites - LinkedIn - Twitter Facebook - are popular with job searchers, recruiters, hiring managers, employers and ...    Read full article »

Assessing Job Offers

Congratulations!  Your research, CV and interview prep has succeeded!  Suddenly job offers are on the table and you have choices to make.  An enviable position to be in.  However, it can be tricky knowing which one is the best  .. ...  Read full article » 

Transfer Skills and Industries

Do you know how to transfer your skills into a New Career - a New Industry? Everyone has 'transferrable skills' that may be utilised in more than one industry.  These skills may have been gathered from personal interests; charitable activities; previous jobs or even natural talents and can be the key to finding a new and exciting job role ... ...  Read full article »

LinkedIn for Young Professionals

Young professionals seeking a career change or newly qualified graduates entering the workplace face endless obstacles to achieving that all-important interview.  There are just too many competitors, with hundreds of perfectly qualified candidates applying for the same position. ... ...  Read full article »

What Does the Perfect CV Look Like?

What constitutes a perfect CV will vary from role to role and between sectors, but there are certain things you can do to make sure your CV catches recruiters' eyes whatever your dream job.   As well as looking for relevant experience and qualifications on you CV, recruiters look out for  ... ...  Read full article »   

Be a Cut Above the Business Card Crew

You've gone to the effort of attending a job fair; you know they can provide a great opportunity to meet prospective employers, to see what's out there in the world of work and to impress recruiters with your expertise.  You've dressed smartly ... Read full article» 

Are you an Executive considering Working Abroad?

Executive positions overseas can be rewarding both financially and professionally.  Professionals move abroad for a number of reasons, not the least of which is an improved lifestyle, better climate, better educational opportunities for . . .    Read full article » 

Get ahead of the Competition in a Challenging Job Market 

Recruitment is often the first casualty when it comes to cutting budgets and choices are carefully made to avoid expensive mistakes.  HR managers are more discerning now than ever before so it is important to be armed with the right .....    Read full article »  

Sandwich board gets Graduate job with top firm

An unemployes Leeds University graduate landed a job with Legal & General after standing for nine hours in the City of London with a placard around his neck which read, "Leeds graduate looking for job in financial services." .....    Read full article » 

Write a Marketing Executive Resume using the 7 Ps of Marketing

With a job offer often attracting circa 1000 resumes you are facing tremendous competition. Marketing is what you do, what you are good at! So, when writing your Resume it pays to use your own expertise and follow YOUR industry's tried and trusted 7P Marketing Strategy.....    Read full article » 

Networking on LinkedIn

Networking is a perfect way to form mutually supportive relationships, both personal and professional; a valuable and often neglected opportunity for career advancement for those seeking .....  Read full article »

Benefits of a professional Business Card

When you are thinking about getting business cards made you should not think of your business card like a website; information should be kept to a minimum. A standard business card says a few words about ... Read full article »


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