Eight Steps to Keep Your Job in a Market Downturn

As a Career Consultant, one recurring question I am asked by people at different stages in their career is, "How best can I protect my job when the market is bleak?"

The reality is that, as organisations struggle to survive, everyone is at risk and has to give their utmost to achieve business targets. Here are 8 key steps to ensure your success ...

1. Social media! Network!

There has been a rapid growth in the use of social media - such as LinkedIn - which is the ideal medium to expand your network and reach out to people of influence .. whether clients, colleagues or employers.

2. Personal Branding

Get smart ... make sure your personal brand - as defined by your personal appearance, presentation and knowledge - leaves a perfect, positive impression.

3. Keep learning and be open-minded

Never get complacent .. be solutions focused in every aspect of your work .. don't stand still. Build on your knowledge, listen and learn from others. Then, apply your knowledge and expertise to resolve issues in fresh situations - as economically as possible.

4. Quality wins every time

Strive towards exceeding expectations. Use your initiative. Look to improve in every aspect of your role - whether with people, products or systems. This will impact on the service your company delivers and help build client loyalty - protecting future business.

5. Take Ownership... get smart!

Be passionate about and fully committed towards achieving organisational objectives. For example, participate in driving engagement - whether in a team or business-wide.

6. Leadership .. team-work

Whether top down or bottom up - whichever your level, you can't do it all alone. Demonstrate your ability to lead effectively by fostering a shared sense of purpose towards excelling in every task, every project, every aspect of the job in hand.

7. Know your company .. know the market forces

Explore and get to know your company .. its business, service, risks, threats and opportunities. Then get creative and aim to position yourself to make a difference and add value in whatever way you can.

8. Health and work-life balance

Health, and work - life balance takes planning. Take time out to relax and enjoy your social life - life is not all about work. Take stock of, and minimise / eliminate, activities that don't actually enhance your career or personal life. Include your favourite pastimes, and have fun .. exercise, watch football, volunteer, shop, and spend time with the people who are important to you.


About The Author

Helga Ann Edge MBA is a sought-after CV Resume and LinkedIn Profile writer and career coach.  Since 1990, she has helped many thousands of clients find not just a job but a rewarding career through her sites www.aperfectcv.co.uk and www.aperfectcareer.co.uk.  Helga can be reached at helga@aperfectcv.co.uk   Follow Helga on Twitter ..  https://twitter.com/APerfectCV

If you would like permission to use this article or any portion thereof please get in touch with the writer.






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