How Social Media Can Help Build Your Company's Online Brand

It's now fairly well known that an online presence can help to promote a company brand and  attract job seekers - especially in a competitive market or economic downturn - and LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are strong market leaders.

Why have a LinkedIn company page

LinkedIn in particular is now recognised a powerful professional business network.  More than 200 million professionals, many of whom are top executives from top tier Fortune 500 companies, recognise the unparalleled opportunities LinkedIn offers to generate new business. 

The absence of an online presence can result in missed opportunities to attract and engage with top quality candidates. If a company is interested in driving new traffic to their business, a LinkedIn Company Page provides the perfect free and easy way to place the spotlight on products and services, share news, industry trends, advertise career opportunities - and achieve market differentiation from competitors.

Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Page enables a business to ...

1. Raise awareness of their brand, generate business leads and strengthen current customer relationships by sharing valuable, rich and relevant content via company status updates, blog posts, discussion group, links to Twitter and Facebook, and much more.

2. Engage with potential and existing customers by providing key insights into a business and the benefits the company offers. 

3. Showcases and sells products and services by featuring images, and product and service descriptions.

4. Advertise special promotions and make topical announcements.

5. Invite customers to endorse  products and/or services by inviting them to publish reviews; positive feedback can encourage customers to feel confident about a company's high  standards.

6. Interact with and reach out to wider pool of job seekers, promote career opportunities, increase  recruiting efficiency, and cut recruitment costs.

7. Establish a  community of 'followers'; this is a brilliant way to drive word of mouth recommendations and referral business.

8. Keep up to date within their industry with fresh, relevant. and interesting content. 

Mistakes to avoid

If you are looking to position your company as a key industry supplier, then a LinkedIn Company Page offers unrivalled opportunities to reach out to and connect with your target audience - a truly powerful way to deliver highly relevant content to a specific audience and generate new business. 

Posts that appear on a Company Page and in the news feed on the homepage of each of your followers pread your messages across their entire network.

Getting it wrong can be worse than having no Company Page.  Here are the things to avoid ..

1. Poorly written, repetitive, and boring content.
2. Lack of key words.
3. Indistinct or out of date graphics.
4. An unbranded professional headline.
5. Lack of links to your website(s).

In summary, whether your business is looking to drive new traffic to your website, sell products and services, or seeking to recruit new staff, a LinkedIn Company Page offers an unparalleled opportunity to attract, engage and generate interest with your target audience.

About the Author:

Helga Ann Edge MBA is a sought-after CV and Resume writer, and in LinkedIn's "Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012."" Since 1990, she has helped many thousands of clients find not just a job but a rewarding career through her website Helga can be reached at Follow Helga on Twitter ..


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