Interim and Freelance Work

There was a time when the words 'interim' or 'freelance' conjured up images of someone struggling to survive, unable to compete in the professional arena and now resorting to ad hoc work for peanuts. 

Not any more!  Now, professionals worldwide are proudly wearing their interim -freelance credentials and offering a valuable online service to a huge and rapidly expanding market.

The age of the interim - freelancer is taking the world by storm with a rapidly growing demand for their services.  Everything from accountancy to web design to illustration can be sourced through a working community that is prompt, professional and ready to work. 

The computer revolution = cost efficiency

In 2012, 89 million computers were shipped in just the first quarter of the year! The computing age has brought with it the freedom to 'take the work home' and many forward-thinking companies have implemented a teleworking programme to make savings and also generate a more efficient working environment.  Costs are minimal and most companies find employees put in an effort to make the programme succeed in order to retain the privilege of being able to divide their working week between the office and home.    

The pros and cons of freelancing / interim work

The advantages of interim - freelance assignments are becoming irresistible for modern professionals, and include:

  • release from a formal office environment enabling either a longer or shorter working day
  • cutting the amount of wasted down time in long commutes
  • a more comfortable line of communication with other countries (talking to the US at midnight is pretty inconvenient in a traditional office environment)
  • enabling you to move out of the city and into a healthier country environment with the family, and
  • an increase in earnings.

Freelancing and interim work takes a step toward an independent working life .. it's about gaining freedom, saving time and money and putting a professional image out there.

A freelancer - interim can offer a number of advantages over the traditional supplier.  For instance ...

  • There are fewer overheads - no responsibity for sickness and pension
  • Not all SMEs can afford to employ full time staff when needing expertise 
  • The advent of employing interims and freelancers allows small  businesses an opportunity to trim costs yet still take advantage of professional services that promote efficiency and improve profit margins. 


For graduates the interim - freelance community can be a gateway to useful opportunities; a chance to 'dip a toe in the water' prior to making a full time career commitment and also an invaluable earning platform to help with tuition. 

A quarter of university students now augment their incomes with freelance work online.  Take care to quote realistically for freelance work online.  You may have to compensate for all those days when you have no incoming work.  Be consistent and transparent with your fee and always respond to online enquiries promptly, as you would with any 'normal' job. Freelancing reputations are easily built, but just as easily destroyed. 

Taxing matters

It is important to understand your tax obligations before launching a freelance or interim career and to make the necessary declarations of earnings at the end of the year.  It is also a good idea to look into pensions and how freelancing can affect your relationship with your bank before deciding on an independent working life.  It would hardly be a good idea to embark on a freelance or interim project just weeks before your private pension matures!

Personal Branding Statement

Put in some time preparing your online profile to ensure your freelance services reach the right audience.  Write - or pay a professional to write - a top quality CV Resume and LinkedIn Profile - and ensure you keep your online image up to date. 

Author: Helga Edge MBA is a sought-after CV Resume and LinkedIn Profile writer and career coach. Since 1990, she has helped many thousands of clients find not just a job but a rewarding, fulfiling career through her sites,    and Helga can be reached at .. ..

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