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Today's jobseekers are using social media to find that dream job

At the end of 2012, Adzuna conducted a nationwide survey looking at how today's jobseekers are searching for that dream job. 

The results were fascinating; more than 50% of all jobseekers now leverage their personal and professional networks on social media to help find work, and this number is seriously growing.  It's something of a social job search revolution for 2013.

The infogaphic below illustrates that ...

  • 50% of Brits now use social media to look for a job.
  • 90% of large British companies are now using social media to find staff
  • Job seekers in the UK would rather leverage their Facebook (43%) than Linkedin (22%) networks to find their dream job.
  • only 1 in 8 of those surveyed registered any concern for online privacy
  • Top sectors for social job hunting are Retail, Creative and Finance 

Job Search Social Infographic

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