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Networking with LinkedIn for Career Advancement

Networking on LinkedIn is a perfect way to form mutually supportive relationships, both personal and professional; a valuable and often neglected opportunity for career advancement for those seeking a new and more challenging role as well as for private enterprise.  

Networking Effectively

Apart from the obvious social interactions and active 'people-facing' events that might be available through your present job role, such as organised conferences, seminars and symposiums, there are web-based networking sites that can open the door to potential employers and clients otherwise inaccessible for a number of reasons. 

Potential customers operating several thousand miles distant in international time zones can interact comfortably through Facebook, Twitter and business networking sites that specialise in bringing business groups together such as the highly successful LinkedIn.

Marketing your skills and products effectively is imperative to achieving profitability both in terms of finding new customers and establishing career opportunities.  An ideal combination of face-to-face business communication and web-based networking activities can boost your profile and cast a wider net to capture interest in new projects or products, or to find a new job. 

The advantages of LinkedIn networking are endless: the chance to meet other professionals at senior level; business expansion; savings on promotional campaigns and advertising; and savings on recruitment fees. 

Getting 'Out There'

Putting your online business profile 'out there' in a way that attracts traffic is the answer to launching a new venture or putting a little life into an old one.  An active web-based LinkedIn Profile is also the best possible opportunity to advertise your skills and personal qualities when seeking a new career role. And for job hunters it is important to know that many recruiters are now exclusively web-based.

For those who find it difficult to make a start to write a business or personal resume there is plenty of professional help at hand.  Expert writers at A Perfect LinkedIn Profile can swiftly produce a profile of your personal and business skill sets and the fee is rapidly recouped by increased sales or income from a new job role.

An effective online presence can open limitless business opportunities, especially for web-based businesses and services.  Lucrative business partnerships and assignments flourish online sometimes for years without the principle players ever needing to meet face to face, made possible through efficient networking.


Active networking is a simple process.  One simply invites a group of people to meet up for a mutually beneficial purpose: product launches; expos; conferences; seminars… All of these activities involve bringing like-minded parties together to mingle and exchange concepts and ideas.  But what happens when the audience is comprised of millions of web users?  It is imperative to target your networking to achieve exposure to a niche market.

Targeted network exposure is the key to taking the best possible advantage of modern technology to showcase marketable commodities.  The world's remotest outposts are now able to gain an online networking profile yet city-based companies often miss golden chances simply because they fail to network intelligently.

The Basics

Getting a LinkedIn Profile 'out there' is the priority for everyone proactively seeking new markets of opportunity. Set up your profile honestly and include all of your skills, products and services.  Keep your dialogue professional and be selective in your communications: pay attention to privacy settings.  Check your web-based content regularly and update constantly.    

Social media / business networking is today's vital tool for career advancement - don't miss out on being seen! 

If you need help to network by setting up a LinkedIn Profile, or if your LinkedIn Profile needs a transformation, you can purchase our LinkedIn Profile Writing Service from the SERVICE OPTION below


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