Need a Strikingly Perfect LinkedIn Profile?



What does a perfect LinkedIn profile mean to you?  Not sure?


One thing's certain! In today's job market, you can't expect job offers by simply pasting your CV Resume on LinkedIn!  There's more to getting noticed than that!

As a high percentage of recruiters and hiring decision makers now source candidates through LinkedIn, if your Profile fails to spotlight your brand, skills and initiatives, it won't trigger any interest with your target audience! 

With my own Profile in LinkedIn's "Top 1% of Most Viewed Profiles", here's how to make your Profile irresistible ...

1. Your Profile Picture - a recent professionally presented profile, visually appealing picture is worth its investment tenfold - first impressions definitely count! 

2. Professional Headline - include job titles and key words matched to your industry and niche area of expertise.  Understand what your target audience is looking for in a candidate to ensure you appear in the results of the right decision makers and key industry influencers. 

3. Share an Update - keep in touch - keep visible. 

4. Professional Summary - this branded career summary should convey your reputation and what differentiates you. SEO-optimized, the Summary should set you apart from the competition, get across your message about who you are, how you add value, hold the reader's interest and inspire curiosity - a desire to learn more - a call to action!


With well placed SEO-key words,  capture attention with a SUCCINCT, SUPER INTERESTING, CRYSTAL CLEAR & CONVINCING overview of what you've done that helps the reader see you have the right skill sets, experience and knowledge base, what you can do for their organisation. 

Communicate in the 1st person.  Here is your opportunity to promote your key personal attributes, your personality, with authentic examples of what differentiates you, your 'added value' contributions, your success stories - what makes you the 'best fit'. 

5. Specialties. This section helps recruiters to find talent, to reach out to the best people in their fields, and ultimately hire the right candidate for the job - with remarkable precision. It's not only what you say - it's how you say it! 

If you need help to get your message across to your target audience, GET IN TOUCH in touch for a free appraisal. About the Author: Helga Ann Edge MBA is a sought-after CV Resume writer, and in LinkedIn's "Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles for 2012." Since 1990, she has helped thousands of clients find not just a job but a rewarding career through her website

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