Online Personal Branding

Is Your Online Personal Branding Working for You?

Successful personal branding is all about developing an unforgettable impression that is instantly associated exclusively with you.

Large corporations have understood for many years that creating an effective brand increases exposure, product interest, growth and - inevitably - profitability. 

Your personal brand works the same way and building an online image that produces the right picture of you is vital to attracting interest from potential clients, employers and useful contacts.

Your online personal brand is a method of drawing an image of what you bring to the table, making you instantly identifiable in a number of ways.  Word and image association is broadly used when building a personal brand - it is vital to do this efficiently throughout your online presence on personal websites and on social networking sites to achieve maximum benefit.  It is about your management of how the rest of the world sees you - get it right consistently to make it work for you.

An accurate and dynamic internet image is essential to reach your target audience.  Most employers and potential clients seeking suppliers have made the internet a one-stop-shop and if you cannot be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as on a personal website with a well-constructed and easily identifiable personal brand you are simply not competing effectively.

What does that say about you? What does that say about how effective you will be on behalf of a client or future employer?  Five Steps to Achieve an Effective Personal Brand . .

  1. Self-assess your best qualities and your specialist area.  This is where you decide what you are selling and where your strengths are - you can establish this by re-visiting your profile - find that emerging pattern that testifies to your abilities as an outstanding team leader or an IT genius or a people-motivator. 
  2. Decide which of these you want to promote. 
  3. Overhaul your personal website using a profile that emphasises your top saleable specialist areas - if you do not have a website, create one as a priority. And ensure your CV, personal profile and all other material that is 'out there' complements your new personal brand.
  4. Select suitable social networking platforms and create your profile: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are a good start.  Beware of stretching your net too far by appearing on multiple networking sites - too many online destinations are difficult to manage and could result in a neglected area creating a poor impression. 
  5. Off you go - network!  However, beware of posting information that is contrary to the personal brand you have taken so much trouble to create. Select from invitations and proposals that are mutually beneficial and always bear in mind that what is posted on these sites reflects on your personal brand.

Maintain your internet presence with care. Pay attention to visual appearances: logos, images, rich text, attention to detail and professionalism are what you are striving for - and a personal brand that is instantly recognisable as exclusively yours. 

About The Author

Helga Ann Edge MBA is a sought-after CV Resume and LinkedIn Profile writer and career coach. Since 1990, she has helped many thousands of clients find not just a job but a rewarding career through her sites and Helga can be reached at Follow Helga on Twitter ..

If you would like permission to use this article or any portion thereof please get in touch with the writer.

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