The Power of the Web in Job Searches

For jobseekers, the internet can be a hugely valuable tool, with social media having the ability to connect an individual to almost any company on the planet in a quick and easy way.

The web has given us a world of information at our fingertips - anything we need to know is at hand. Yet many of those searching for a job on the internet do not know how best to utilise this power - posting a CV on one job site and waiting for responses is not the way to go about it. So to give yourself the best possible chance of landing that dream job, here are a few tips…

Look Everywhere


Before the internet, a look in the Job Centre and a flick through a copy of the local paper kept you informed of most of the vacancies out there, but now companies are advertising all over the place. Internet job boards such as Total Jobs and Monster are very useful, but remember that different companies use different ones, so you need to set yourself up on as many as you can.

Each time you create a new profile make sure that your details are kept up to date, and set up alerts for certain keywords related to the position you are looking for - these will help you get a drop on the competition when the next 'marketing assistant' position is advertised. Job board aggregators such as Indeed and SimplyHired are also worth checking out.

Stalk your Companies


Not all companies use job boards, and even some of those that do only post on third-party sites after making the vacancy available through their own mediums. This example from kitchen manufacturer Wren shows how even the most niche companies have their own jobs portals on their websites. If you have a company you would like to work for in mind, make regular sweeps of their job pages on their websites, and get on social media. Following brands on Twitter and Facebook can again give you instant updates on job vacancies.

LinkedIn is also a great resource, allowing you to get in touch with those in charge of hiring at top firms and show off your credentials. It's the modern equivalent of going door to door asking for work, and many people are starting to see it as one of their best assets when negotiating the jobs market.

Author: Helga A Edge MBA

Principal Consultant at


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