Sandwich board gets Graduate job with top firm

An unemployed Leeds University graduate landed a job with Legal & General after standing for nine hours in The City of London with a placard around his neck, which read "Leeds graduate looking for job in financial services".

Giles Metcalfe, a 23 year-old European Politics graduate, stood out from the crowd to land a job in a market where there are over 50 applicants fighting it out for every graduate position.

Recent data from Job Search Engine shows that there are 21,748 graduate jobs currently available in the UK, but hundreds of thousands of graduates fighting it out for these positions. This means over 50 applicants per graduate position across the board, rising to over 100 in sectors such as Finance, Healthcare and Law. 

Graduates seeking roles in Finance have to fight it out with 118 applicants for every role, making Giles' accomplishment even more impressive.

Giles Metcalfe, now an Investment Communications Executive at Legal & General Investments in London explained:

"In a tough employment environment, and following various unsuccessful online job applications, I knew I had to do something to make myself stand out in a crowd. The stunt at Liverpool Street Station in June proved fruitful thanks to handing out over 80 copies of my CV and speaking to loads of people. I was invited to interview with a number of companies, and took the job at Legal & General Investments in July as their professionalism, brand and the role they offered fitted perfectly with my ambition."

London and the South of England are the most competitive areas as many university leavers migrate to these regions in search of attractive £29,000 p.a. average graduate salaries, compared with £25,000 in Yorkshire. 

Adzuna's data also shows a marked supply and demand imbalance in the IT sector, where there are more vacancies and fewer applicants.  

Simon Ellis, MD Investments at Legal & General Investments commented: "Giles's stunt was how he came to our attention as one of our employees saw him and took a copy of his CV. We had a position that we believed he would be suitable for and were impressed by his initiative and somewhat unique way of making himself visible, so we felt we should invite him to an interview. Giles had to undergo the normal interview panel process and online testing which he was successful in, landing him employment within Legal & General Investments." 

Where are the graduate jobs?

Job Sector                          No. of UK Graduate Vacancies            
IT 3,588
Sales 2,623
Engineering 1986
HR and Recruitment 1,373
Accounting and Finance   954
PR and Advertising   854
Healthcare and Nursing   728
Technology   237
Legal     56

 Regional distribution of Graduate jobs

UK Region                              No. of Graduate Jobs               Average Graduate Salary                      
Eastern England    903 £29,444
London 6,442 £29,298
South East England  2,733 £26,887
South West England    1,094 £26,252
East Midland    807 £26,177
West Midlands    988 £25,824
North East England    379 £25,537
Scotland    943 £25,094
Yorkshire & Humberside    839 £25,082
Northern Ireland    170 £24,840
North West England 1,212 £24,499

 Top 5 Degree Subjects By Pay

Degree Type           Average Salary                   
Economics                               £44,607
Civil Engineering £43,845
Maths £41,898
Law £40,754
Computer Science £40,298

 Bottom 5 Degree Subjects By Pay

Degree Type                            Average Salary                 
Hospitality and Tourism £18,996
Art and Design £19,209
Anthropology £21,321
Sociology £22,102
Media Studies £28,019

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Data tables above are based on live job vacancy count in the comprehensive jobs search index as of October 22nd 2012.

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