Perfect Your Social Media Profile

Are you struggling to improve your job search results? 

Perhaps it's time to to develop your Social Media Profile.

Social media sites - LinkedIn - Twitter  - Facebook - are popular with job searchers, recruiters, hiring managers and employers.  Here are a few helpful facts ...


LinkedIn ...     ...

  • ideal for job searchers to research recruiters / hiring managers
  • direct links to employer websites - with info on jobs, careers, company backgrounds, culture, products, services and market performance
  • view profiles of and contact people you know in your industry
  • expand your network and connect with the people and companies your contacts know
  • Hint: Ensure your LinkedIn Profile is professional, up-to-date and compelling

Twitter . . .   

  • connect to people you don't know who share your interests
  • network on Twitter to access job opportunities, companies, job boards
  • Hint: You search results will improve if your Twitter name is your name 

Facebook . . .  

  • over 70 million users - Facebook can be an effective job search tool
  • Facebook can help build your reputation and leverage your contacts
  • Hint: If you reference a friend on Facebook in your blog post, don't forget to tag them.  The alert their friends to the post and spread your message   

Social Media Profile writing service . . .

A Perfect CV's expert Linkedin Profile writer will work with you to create an outstanding online presence - placing the spotlight on your strengths, areas of expertise and achievements.

For details + Free appraisal, CONTACT US and attach your LinkedIn URL, CV  Resume

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