Top Future IT Jobs

Whether a Mobile Application Developer or a Software Engineer - applying for a job with a perfect Resume will increase your opportunity to land your target IT job  

The good news is, computer jobs are set to experience rapid growth with high salaries and high employment levels - generated by the number of organizations that are investing in emerging technologies.

 The bad news is,  competition for the top IT jobs remains high and your Resume has to be specifically key word optimized towards your target job in order to capture interest.  Make sure it is!

An expertly crafted IT Resume will connect you to top global IT firms - the best in the market for Video Games Designers through to Network Administrators.  This should show case the most valued professional traits recruiters and head-hunters expect in a Computer Systems Analyst, IT Security Specialist,  Web Developer, Technology Manager, Network Engineers and IT Project Leaders candidate.

For best results, your Résumé has to be compelling.  Avoid ..

  • Over-used terms such as dynamic, results-driven, focused
  • Cliche phrases - methodical approach, track record of ..
  • Stating the obvious .. Excellent references available on request

Instead, showcase . . .

  •  IT Certifications  to illustrate up to date expertise
  • Interpersonal communication and team working
  • Service and application solutions focus
  • Expertise in ITIL-aligned methodology and processes
  • Interest in the business needs / developing new capabilities
  • Customer centric approach and people-oriented personality
  • Highlight key strengths, with solid examples of added-value results

Highlight your technical expertise by including applications, systems, networks relevant to the job and still in widespread use applications and systems, including ASP/ASP.NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, Linux, Unix, Oracle, SQL, SAP, C++, VB, HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Siebel, Cisco etc.  Don't forget to include versions.  

If you need to discuss your career objective with an expert IT Resume Writer - an expert with in depth knowledge of the IT industry - get in touch.   We will write a brilliant, market-ready CV - with live links to your LinkedIn profile - to ensure your visibility and to make it easy for recruiters, hirers and search firms to find and contact you.

To find out more about how we can help you get your next IT job or project, CONTACT US for a confidential, complimentary review and no obligation quote.

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