Writing a brilliant Marketing Executive Resume

Model your Marketing Resume on the 7 Ps of Marketing and outmanoeuvre the competition


With a job offer often attracting circa 1000 resumes you are facing tremendous competition. Marketing is what you do, what you are good at! So, when writing your Resume it pays to use your own expertise and follow YOUR industry's tried and trusted 7P Marketing Strategy.

Step 1: Product - Your Value proposition

Make a compelling value proposition?.  Your target market needs to know the benefits you can take to the table will match their needs. For best results research their market, learn what they need, and weave into your resume just sufficient information to entice the reader to want to learn more about you at interview. For example .. ..

  • Name the products and brands you have promoted
  • Make clear the ROI generated from marketing campaigns.
  • Outperformed competitors - captured 6 of the 10 'Top £mm' industry accounts 

Step 2: Price - Have Realistic Salary Expectations

Are your salary expectations realistic and in tune with the current market?  Sometimes, it is worth being prepared to review and renegotiate your remuneration package in order to be competitive and survive in a market downturn.

Step 3 - Promotion - Your resume is your marketing tool 

Design a Resume to reflect your professional skills.  Your marketing material - in this case - is your Resume! A well written Resume - pitched perfectly at the right executive-level - is essential.  

Tell your story - and differentiate yourself by showcasing the quantifiable 'wins' you've accrued - linked directly to the skills valued by your target audience.

Step 4 - Place - Market analysis

Blasting your resume out to all and sundry can be like talking to the air as there are millions and most get discarded.  For best results you need to research the jobs market and focus your efforts towards a specific job, company, market, industry.

Step 5 - Packaging - Visual Presentation is Key

A great Resume has to be pleasing to the eye to stimulate interest.  Most marketing jobs require someone with a proven ability to create and adapt marketing materials, including print and web.  It follows that as your marketing collateral your Resume illustrates your capability in this area and has to be outstandingly attractive with a unique design and professional presentation.

Don't bury the 'gems' of your success!  Guide and engage the reader with brief, eye-catching headings - clear signposts to each section of your high quality, easy to grasp content.

Step 6  Position - Target your job market 

Research the job market to learn what employers are looking for in a Marketing professional.  Read on- and off-line advertisements for 'in' terminology. Research LinkedIn's job pages!  Draw up a short list of, and tailor your Resume towards what the industry is seeking in a Marketing Executive. 

Step 7 - People - First impressions are important 

Success comes to those who build a market presence!

Generate attention by growing your network within your industry.  Use social media - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter - to keep up to date and build relationships with your colleagues, friends, and other contacts. They can be a rich source of information on the jobs market.

Become a 'subject matter expert' on LinkedIn - a valuable information resource to others - encouraging reciprocity.


About The Author

Helga Ann Edge MBA CPRW - is a sought-after CV Resume and LinkedIn Profile writer and Interview Coach.  Since 1990, she has helped many thousands of clients find not just a job but a rewarding career.  Helga can be reached via Email: helga@aperfectcv.co.uk  or 'phone  0203 4114 876 | +34 96 771 17.  Follow Helga on Twitter .. https://twitter.com/APerfectCV


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