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Applying for a job?

Don't waste time sending your CV until it is PERFECT!

If you aren't getting interviews, you're either targeting the wrong jobs or your CV is letting you down! 

Sometimes it's not what you say, it's the WAY YOU SAY IT!

Here at A Perfect CV we write CVs with rich, well pitched, relevant and job targeted content - with plenty of creativity in the page design.

We know the amazing effect a perfect CV can have on differentiating you from other candidates. A well written CV will enhance your image, portray a pleasant, positive and professional persona, and impress even the most avid skim reader. 

Here are 8 KEY STEPS to take to upgrade your CV and ensure a successful job search:

  1. write a persuasive, factual and job targeted Profile
  2. strategically blend in the most relevant key words
  3. highlight qualifications, expertise and personal style
  4. show-case and quantify your achievements and results
  5. clarify information that lacks detail to convey full meaning
  6. earn credibility with solid examples to illustrate achievements
  7. use compelling action verbs: accelerate - champion - embrace - innovative
  8. articulate your personality traits, ambition, motivation and desire to succeed 

Creating an interesting, relevant and enticing CV is an art, but if you follow these tips you are sure to succeed. 

If you need help, we'll do all the work for you. The process is simple ... ..

  1. Email your CV and/or Letter for a free review and quote
  2. Discuss with us your career, achievements and objectives
  3. Receive and check proofs within 3 days (or 24hr Express)
  4. Receive unlimited edits and proofs - we're happy when you are! 

 For a masterful presentation GET IN TOUCH for a complimentary   appraisal and quote, or start today - select your Career Category below 

"I recently engaged Helga to update my CV and Linked-in profile. All the work tendered was of first-class quality and arrived on or before agreed deadlines. The whole process was quick, easy and painless. I am very pleased with the results. I would unreserved recommend Helga to anyone who is doubting the validity of having a third party write their CV. You will not regret making a positive career-enhancing decision."  MacGregor Buchana, Independent IT Consultant.  

A Perfect CV writes CVs Resumes & LinkedIn Profiles for clients in over 50 countries.

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