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Interim Managers - tips and techniques to help new and existing Interim Managers secure assignments  

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Growth of the Interim Manager role
Demand for interim managers is growing as organisations recognise the expertise Interims take to the table, and the bottom line benefits. Recruiters for the world's leading Fortune 500, FTSE 100 corporations and SMEs are turning to interim agencies to provide Interims  to deliver key business expertise.

Benefits to organisations hiring Interims  
Talented Interims are in high demand across all markets world-wide.  Benfeits.. 
• savings in time, money and people resources
• expert solutions to business critical issues
• minimum disruption during change implementation
• fast results in terms of operational efficiency and cost

Benefits to an Interim Manager 
Not surprisingly, the life-style of an Interim is growing in its appeal when you consider the opportunity to make a difference to client organisations, and gain:
• fresh, varied experiences, new challenges, greater job satisfaction
• choice to balance work and lifestyle - flexible control over work arrangements
• opportunities to develop skill sets and gain experience in new markets
• increased remuneration - generally interim assignments are highly paid
• the chance to step up the career ladder - interims often become permanent
• opportunities to work across the UK, Europe, US, UAE and Asia

What makes a successful Interim Manager?
Effective Interim Managers can formulate strategies, add value, find solutions and improve bottom line results. They have the ability to integrate quickly and effectively within multi-discipline teams, accurately assess what is going on in uncertain client environments, and develop and implement effective solutions to timescale and budget.

A successful Interim Manager is adaptable, prepared to respond quickly to assignment opportunities, able to hit the ground running and prepared to work away from home and work unsocial hours. 

What employers look for in an Interim Consultant Profile?
Most recruiters agree that interim profiles look much the same. This is a positive for you, a perfect opportunity to outshine, by producing a Profile that is distinctive.

Interim Managers are valued by employers when their Profile demonstrates accomplishments, specialist areas of expertise and a track record of delivering measurable, added value results.

• Talented individuals with strong academic /professional backgrounds
• Well motivated high-achievers, committed to excellence
• Culturally diverse with an international approach to business
• Consultative, communicative team players, interested in other viewpoints
• Tenacious, creative, intuitive - with an ability to think outside the box
• Commercially savvy, financially and technically proficient
• Willingness to add value by transferring knowledge and expertise
• Ability to lead change - M&As, Strategy, Restructures, New Business Development
• Visionary - takes a holistic view of financial / strategic impacts on an organization

What makes a Successful Interim Management Profiles
Interim Profiles differ from CV and Resumes in the sense that the profile should capture, succinctly - in one page - key quantifiable USPs. With only a few seconds to attract  attention - the interim profile isn't the place to waffle! Your profile will only sell you if it is convincing and credible.

What gives one interim profile 10 times more pull than another? Here are tips to differentiate you and create a shortcut to the highest paid interim assignments:

• design a unique, professional, easy to navigate one-page format
• write a brief Executive Summary to reflect your career and value proposition
• highlight and give examples of key areas of expertisre 
• write explicity, yet succinctly, to showcase how your expertise is a perfect fit
• substantiate what you say with specific examples of measurable results
• illustrate your knowlede of the employer's market - risk and  opportunities

These key aspects of a top notch Interim Manager profile are what will make you a preferred candidate and accelerate your next interim role.

If you are losing fee income, A Perfect CV´s industry specific MBA qualified profile writer will work with you to review and match your skills against the demands of the interim market sector.

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