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The role of an IT Project Director, Senior IT Infrastructure Director, programmer, software developer, system architect, system administrator, database administrator, help desk  and project manager is broad-based and complex - making writing a CV and getting  across the varied skills and diverse project experience equally challenging.

The key to success is to send a clear, concise message direct to your target audience by positioning your most relevant information above the first fold.  If this section of your CV doesn't grab attention, it won't get past the initial screening.

It is crucial to write succinctly - not a life-story!  A two-page structure is usually sufficient - the reader will have neither the time or inclination to wade through irrelevant, out of date detail - sometimes less really is more! 

The following structure and text examples will help you write a Perfect CV and get the job offers rolling in...

Contact details 

Include phone, email. LinkedIn URL  and country of residence

Position Statement / Value Proposition

Make it brief, yet impactful - a personal branding statement to include your key drivers, strengths, passions - the hard and soft skills that illustrate your style and unique promise of value. 

Thorough research is key! Identify and promote the aspects of your career, skills and character traits you know would be a good fit with the job target.

Within your Profile, it's useful to convey the scope of your IT project management expertise; for instance, types of project, organisational size and market sector, technological environments and geographical locations. Here is an extract ...

"  ... Led the full life-cycle design and delivery of global, large- small-scale SAP Financial systems projects, and resolved long outstanding technical issues to add value in blue chip clients' complex matrix environments  ... ....

" ... Optimised £4M budget to deploy LAN/WAN networks, cloud services, digital media networks, firewalls, IPS/IDS, SIEM, unified communications, IP smart building management, client-server/thin client systems, distributed systems, FCA-cards, Wi-Fi, AV, CRM, MDM, monitoring systems, access controls, BCP/ DR, intranet/internet ...

Career highlights

Select and place two or three of your greatest accomplishments in a prime position...

    • Implemented a tool that resolved inefficient, high risk working practices, and improved customer satisfaction in an complex financial environment ... resulting in global roll out
    • Demonstrated agility to respond to the diverse industry trends, challenges, cultures and business concerns of corporations and deliver complex projects ahead of expectations
    • Recognised for ability to lead and energise talented teams to deliver multiple, often complex  projects - including cross-asset business processes - to budget and timescale


Give a quick overview - include 'trigger' keywords relevant to what the reader is looking for in a candidate.  Here are a few examples ...

Project - Program Management  | Business Transformation  | SAP R3 ERP BW MM | SQL  TCIP/IP Unix  | Process Improvement  | SLA | Contract Management | Client Engagement  | C++  PHP  | Java etc LAN | WAN | MPLS | WLAN | VoIP telephony | Private - Public WiFi Services | AV Systems | Web Portals | Cellular Networks

Career section

Commence with the most recent, outline the company background, state the project scope and purpose, and create sub-headings and brief details for each key aspect of your role. 

Get to the point quickly why your skills and character traits make you the best candidate; for example... 

Initiative ... has the ability to perceive what needs to be done to achieve goals...

Client Engagement ... supports client business drivers, builds relationships... ... 

Leadership ... provides inspirational direction, ensures all team members deliver...

Project planning - defines scope, plans resources, maps processes ... 

Project Management ... coordinates multiple parallel client projects, including resolution of interrelated problems arising during the transition and integration...

Logic - examines facts and situations in order to make well-reasoned judgments...

Finance - illustrate commercial acumen; ability to manage budgets, forecast report...  

Risk & Governance - proactively manages risks and issues, implements effective and sustainable actions to reduce negative impacts...

Documentation - produces and presents project updates and performance reports ...

IT Projects | Results - illustrate your performance with solid examples of successful projects and added-value results.  Keep it brief by structuring examples using the STAR format -

Situation (the challenge), Task (what did you have to achieve), Action (what you did), Result (the positive outcome).  For example... -   

Project managed a major upgrade of ... ... SAP systems: identified and implemented a 3rd party tool which accelerated the process, reduced risk, and saved $MM   

Place the most emphasis on the aspects of your role(s) that match your target job and give less detail - no repetition - the further back you go in your career


List major relevant qualifications, for example, degree(s), PRINCE 2 etc

Applications & Systems

Depending on the target role's requirements, it may be worthwhile including up to date technical skills; for example, Operating Systems, Applications, Servers, Networks, Routers, Data Centres, Hardware, Languages and Methodologies etc

LinkedIn Profile

A further point worth mentioning is that recruiters and hiring decision-makers are increasingly finding and assessing candidates through LinkedIn - the world's largest professional network. 

It follows that IT professionals with profiles are the ones most likely to be found by influential decision makers. 

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