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Match your CV to the job spec and treble your interview offers

If you don't target your CV, you might actually be stumbling in the dark - never getting to speak to the right people!

We can write a targeted CV and letter to showcase the skills, qualifications and experience that match the job you are applying for. Writing a targeted CV that creates a perfect match with a specific role helps to win interviews. 

Fly through recruiter-candidate tracking software in seconds

We will write a clear, concise, catchy, compelling keyword rich Positioning Statement / Value Proposition to match your expertise, personality, results to the job - so you fly through intuitive recruiter-candidate screening systems in seconds

To ensure that your CV matches a specific job advertisement, just follow this three-step process...

Step One

Email your CV, latest career information, the job advert, and company website.  If you have a job description, person specification or any other relevant information then send these as well.

Step Two

We will appraise all the information and reply with advice and a no obligation quote for writing your CV to match your target job.

Step Three

If you are happy with the quote, place your order using the SERVICE OPTION below. We will ensure that your CV is as close a match as possible to the job description - enhancing your chances of winning an interview and getting the job.

Please advise if you would also like us to write a cover letter to accompany your CV

CONTACT US to send your information (CV Resume Job Advert etc)

Alternatively, if in UK call 0203 4114 876 If overseas +34 965 771 175.

If you have Skype, provide your address and a convenient time to call.

We offer a 3-day turnaround or `Express 24hr' Service  



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