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We  have more than twenty years' experience writing perfect CVs for Lawyers, Barristers, Solicitors, legal support staff and law students - writing in a clear, succinct style that entices the decision-makers to want to learn more 

Our insight into what is expected in the legal sector enables us to craft compelling, influential, achievement-based CVs - not task focused - pitched to attract and influence recruiters in your target firm or Chambers.

We write positive, concise, catchy, compelling, keyword rich Positioning Statements / Value Proposition to match your expertise, and key results to the role - so you fly through intuitive recruiter-candidate screening systems in seconds

We combine MBA management knowledge, legal market insight and recruitment experience to write a CV in a style legal recruiters enjoy.  Your CV will highlight your ability to provide quality legal advice whilst retaining the personal connection and building a rapport with colleagues and clients. Here is a brief snapshot of a Senior Crown Prosecutor's CV...

  • Working with the Police, Magistrates, Crown Courts and other criminal justice partners to deliver justice to local communities
  • Consulting persuasively with a range of people from within and outside the Service
  • Providing pre and post arrest advice to the police; reviewing files and assessing the quality of evidence, interpreting and applying legislation and precedent
  • etc. etc.

The CV writing process includes...

•   Personal attention .. 1:2:1 consultation with professional CV Writer 
•   Positive... with specifics about successes - key-word rich, industry relevant
•   Persuasive .. an engaging CV highlighting expertise, results, personal style
•   Presentation .. high-impact creativity in the page design to attract and sustain interest
•   Professional .. optimum readability in terms of sentence length, grammar and style 

In summary, your CV will demonstrate yor skills, experience and how you can add value to their firm or Chambers.

We offer nothing less than Perfection ....   a CV that is exclusively superior in design and content to attract and impress legal professionals - and generate interviews

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