Clients returning to update their professional CV

Welcome back! It is good to hear from you again!

Change jobs faster - update your CV's content and presentation

As you change jobs and move up the career ladder we offer an easy-to-use service to keep your CV up-to-date

Firstly, it is likely that we already have your CV on our database We will, however, need to collect your latest information, so please send an email with a brief outline of what you have been doing since we last produced your CV - together with details of your career aim.

If you are applying for a specific job please send details of the company website, job advert, job profile and person specification if available.

If you would prefer to provide your information by `phone, please call the UK number 0203 4114 876 or, if calling from outside the UK, ring +34 965 771 175. Alternatively provide your Skype address.

CV updates include . . .

a) Writing or updating your Profile

b) Introducing a Specialist section to highlight key areas of expertise

c) Selecting, editing, rewriting, and optimising text relating to your latest role(s)

d) Strategically mirroring some of the language in your target job (if available)

e) Editing some of the original text to eliminate duplicate / less relevant detail

f) Where possible, maintaining the CV's length

g) Creating a more modern, visually appealing, professional format

h) Emailing as many proofs as necessary until you are happy with the document

Fees Minor changes       £ 45.00

One new role                £ 60.00

Two new roles              £100.00

Complex changes         £120.00+

When changes are complex or lengthy, we will contact you to discuss the work and fee before processing the order.

As usual, we offer a 3-day turnaround or Express 24hr Service.

CONTACT US  or select your Career category from the option below.

We look forward to working with you again

and will ensure your CV generates even better results than last time!



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