FAQs - 8 Questions to Ask


1. Do you have experience writing CVs Resumes in my career sector?

 We have compiled CVs Resumes for absolutely every job category - even for a Vicar -  who secured a new career as a Counsellor!

There is a definite advantage if your CV Resume writer knows your job role and industry, as they are then in a more informed position to create a CV resume that matches employers´requirements in that sector.

 Ask the CV resume writer to provide examples of text produced for your career and industry - and check they have conveyed the right message, with the right tone, at the right pitch. 

 Some sectors, such as law, are more traditional than others and will not be impressed with a radical new approach to CV resume writing.  Others are more relaxed, valuing enthusiasm for the industry over relevant work experience and exam grades.

2.  What will the CV Resume include?

A professional CV resume writer will include a Profile to position you in the market, summarise your area of expertise and match the recruiter's job profile. 

Well written content should be explicitly informative and, to be credible, achievements need to be substantiated. 

Check that the CV resume writer knows how to weave your 'softer' skills into the text, how to leverage your strengths and how to neutralize any weaknesses.                

3.  What tone and style will the CV Resume adopt? 

The 'voice' of your CV resume - its tone and style - needs to reflect the type of person you are, your aura of confidence, the image you want to project.

Do you want to be seen as approachable and friendly, commercially astute and businesslike, communicative and intuitive?  

Check your CV resume writer understands you and your target audience.   Are you appealing to corporate, professional, SME organisations? 

Will they check out the organisation's website to understand and get a feel for the business and culture, and write copy that sells you in the way they want to hear. 

4. How will the CV Resume be designed? 

With only a few seconds to capture and retain the reader's attention, your CV resume must set you apart from the crowd.  

The CV's design should be sleek, clear and crisp, with persuasive sub-headings to capture interest, encourage eye-flow and compel the reader to read on. 

Check that your CV resume writer does not use templates, and that they can demonstrate originality by designing a document appropriate for your career.  Their website is a good indicator of their professional style. 

5.  How will the CV Resume attract online recruiters? 

An experienced CV resume writer will run a keyword analysis of the job profile and your experience before writing the text, so they can optimise the copy as it is drafted. 

They will think about the selection criteria for each employer and match your skills as closely as possible. 

Check that your CV resume writer understands how recruiters scan and screen CVs and resumes quickly, and that to communicate effectively it is vitally important to strategically position relevant keywords within each page. 

6.  Will my CV Resume win interviews? 

The purpose of your CV resume is to persuade the recruiter/employer to call. Your CV resume can only deliver the desired result - interviews - if it communicates the right message to the right audience. 

Check examples of the CV resume writer's work.  Has what the candidate has to offer been made explicitly clear? If you were the recruiter, would you be convinced by the benefits presented? Would they impress you? Would you employ them? 

7.  Will the text and style be consistent throughout? 

Many CVs and Resumes - particularly those of more senior level executives or of a highly technical nature - can be quite lengthy. 

Techniques such as style and exacting attention to detail are of crucial importance. 

Check with the CV resume writer that they will ensure the tone, style and techniques used will stay consistent throughout. 

8.  Can you provide customer testimonials? 

The best form of recommendation is a satisfied customer.  Please follow this link to see a selection of  A Perfect CV's testimonials - all of which can be substantiated. 

Check if the CV resume writer has testimonials from other clients, and whether they are verifiable. 

If you would like A Perfect CV Consultant - an expert in your particular career field - to ensure your CV wins interviews, simply GET IN TOUCH attach your CV resume and we will provide a free appraisal and no obligation quote.


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