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Ever feared an Interview Disaster? Missed an opportunity to shine? Make sure this doesn´t happen to you!

As MBAs, HR managers and recruiters we know what interviewers look for.  To be honest, it's not a mystery!  Whichever recruitment job site or employer website you visit, the same key skills are specified time and time again… 

Initiative - Flexibility - Self-confidence - Orientation to change - Management of pressure - Consistency of performance - Customer care - Creativity - Solutions driven - Ability to influence - Relationship building - Cultural / Diversity awareness - Teamwork - Leadership - Emotional Intelligence

Just look at extracts from job advertisements - all seeking people who will..

·       provide value added …     
·       be influential and credible
·       have a solution led approach
·       demonstrate a flair for communication
·       collaborate and build relationships across the business
·       be capable of devising and delivering successful strategies
·       be able to inspire confidence, and make balanced judgments
·       have ambition - a self-starter, with enthusiasm and fresh ideas
·       be able to inspire and lead your team to deliver first rate results 

Recruiters have clearly defined expectations!  They know what they are after.

While simple interview questions are easy to field, others are more subtle. Often they use Behavioural-Event questions - ones that place you in a hypothetical situation in order to gauge the effectiveness of your response.  A typical question might be: "What would you do if one day 25% of your team called in sick?"

Your answer will speak volumes about your skills, personality and style - whether you fit the job profile and employer's culture - and whether you get the job. Could you provide a relevant and impressive scenario? 

We'll guide you step by step to ensure a Perfect impression . . .

  • Coaching you in the techniques to make your answers shine.
  • With a 'mock interview' we'll practice Q&As matched to the job spec.
  • With clear and practical advice, you'll know the right questions to ask

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