Interview Colours

What the colour you wear says about you at interview

We all know that at a job interview, it's all about making an instant first impression - but have you considered that what you're wearing might be indicating more about your personality than the words that you say?

Here we give you the lowdown on what the colours you wear are really saying about who you are - and remember, these aren't just tips for that crucial interview, they could be useful for every part of your life from first dates to dinner parties!

Black Wearing black is popular the world over because of its slimming effect and its chic and sophisticated feeling. However, the power of the solid block colour also connotes authority which means that wearing too much black can actually make you appear distant and unapproachable.

Grey Due to its understated nature, grey is the colour of subtly and unspoken confidence. Wearing grey implies that you don't need to rely on your outfit to make an impact, leaving the focus on you and your personality.

White As a colour recognised traditionally for its purity and innocence, wearing white is like a clean base for your personality to build upon. Implying a clean slate, it promotes neutral opinions, laidback lightness and approachable friendliness.

Red Decidedly striking and emotionally intense, red is a statement colour. Because it stimulates the heart and subconsciously causes faster breathing, it may appear as aggressive as it does passionate. Wear it with care depending on your desired result, maybe with just a pop of a red handbag.

Yellow You might think yellow promotes a sunny disposition and cheerful nature, but it can actually be overpowering because it's the hardest colour for the eye to perceive. However, this means it's great for attracting attention and ensuring people concentrate directly on you - just make sure you have the personality to back it up!

Green The epitome of nature in one colour, wearing green can make you appear natural, genuine and calm. It's also worth noting that green can subconsciously imply wealth or a fixation with prosperity due to its association with money and dollar bills - perhaps for you to decide the effects of this.

Blue The colour blue is instantly associated with clear blue skies and tranquil oceans - things that make everyone feel good! The presence of the colour actually causes the body to release calming chemicals that make you and those around you feel at ease - highly recommended for those all-important occasions such as a job interview!

Purple Because the colour purple occurs very rarely in nature, there's a danger that wearing the colour can make you appear artificial and fake. However, this works both ways as its unusualness also means that it indicates luxury and sophistication.

Brown Even more earthy and evocative of nature than green, brown is probably the most natural colour you can get.  Wearing a colour this natural suggests your personality as stable, genuine and reliable. A smart pair of brown leather shoes can show that you've really got your feet on the ground!


Author Bio:  When Josie Sampson isn't dolling out fashion-friendly dating advice, you'll find her writing for the likes of A Perfect CV, The Huffington Post, and The London Metro.

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