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90% of job application letters fail to reach the interview pile due to a lack of relevant, clearly expressed content, poor writing style and  presentation. 

We will write a letter to promote your skills and directly match your experience and achievements to the job spec - making a compelling case for inviting you to interview. 

The portfolio of letters we write includes . . .

  • Job application letters
  • Post interview follow up letters
  • Letter to accept a job offer
  • Letter of resignation
  • Reference letters
  • General thank-you letters

Cover letters that win interviews are dynamic, factual, and directly relevant to the job description (see example cover letter) - and impress the reader by being specific as to how you can add value and make their companies successful.

Getting your application letter right is crucial to making a great first impression.  A mass produced, standard cover letter is a definite no, no!  

When writing your letter, we  ...   

  • research the target company to learn about their business
  • review the job advert / job description / person spec to understand the job
  • commence with a unique, lively, enthusiastic, highly professional paragraph
  • draw on your CV Resume to highlight how your abilities match the role
  • give examples that demonstrate initiative that is directly relevant to the job
  • include just sufficient information to encourage recruiters to want to learn more

We ensure your letter is professional - not a life story, and not a repetition of your CV Resume or LinkedIn Profile!

A Perfect CV's expert letter writers have 20+ years of experience in writing individually tailored letters for every type of job, across all industries, for executives and students. 

To order your letter, select your CAREER OPTION below and upload your CV Resume, target Job and any other relevant information 

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Erik Bos, Senior Finance professional | Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean

Helga completed my professional CV, LinkedIn profile and two cover letters. Helga has significantly improved my CV and LinkedIn profile. As I'm not a native English speaker Helga has been a great help to summarize, by using relevant key words, my career and responsibilities, while the addition of the value proposition has made my CV more professional. Helga was a pleasure to work with and her responsiveness was great. I certainly would recommend her services to others who need a great CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. 2017.

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