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Free advice on writing a job application Cover Letter

Writing a perfect job application Cover Letter

Recruiters screen hundreds of cover letters for jobs.  Here are some key tips to ensure that your letter makes a perfect impression and stands out from the crowd:


Both your CV and letter have to be aesthetically pleasing and professional in appearance, so it helps to be consistent by using the same headings, fonts and layouts. If the letter is to be printed, use top quality printing and paper.

Your contact information

Your letter's heading should include your postal and email address, and phone number(s)
Name and job title of recipient (if known)
Employer or Agency contact information 
Date your letter


Dear Mr / Mrs (a personalised letter has greater impact so, if known include the name of the recipient)
Dear Sir or Madam (only if you cannot find out the recipient´s name)

Subject: If applying for an advertised position, insert the job title and reference

First paragraph

This is where it is especially important to capture the reader's attention.  The first paragraph should express your interest in the position, indicate why the role and company are particularly attractive to you, and briefly state why you are qualified for the job

Second paragraph

Introduce your CV and summarise your relevant strengths, qualifications and/or experience in or knowledge of the company´s market sector. This is your opportunity to weave into the text the keywords recruiters might search for, such as leadership, teamworking, languages, technical skill, strategy planning etc - to illustrate what you can do for and how you might benefit the company.

Third paragraph

This paragraph should draw attention to the most relevant aspects of your career - making strong connections between your skills that match the job spec. Ideally, include three to four bullet pointed examples of your initiatives as they relate to the job's requirements. Weave into the language your personality characteristics. This bullet pointed list has the added benefit of drawing the reader's attention to your accomplishments.

Fourth paragraph

Briefly refer to experience and achievements in your earlier career, but only if relevant to the job description. Write in a way that invites curiosity and encourages the reader to want to learn more at interview.

End paragraph

Express interest in contributing to the ongoing success of the company, and indicate that you look forward to taking your application a step further at interview

Complimentary close

Yours sincerely   - if you know the recipient´s name
Yours faithfully   - if you do not know the recipient´s name

Your signature


- - - - - - - - -

Finally, proof read your cover letter to make sure it is error free. Check for punctuation, spelling, grammer and tense.  A well written letter in a logical format will present you as a professional candidate, and encourage the recruiter to read your CV and invite you for interview.

For best results, ensure your letter is directly relevant to the job with examples of how you match the job - your initiatives! Not a life story, and not a repetition of your CV !

If you'd like help to write your letter, select the appropriate SERVICE OPTION below
(you will be prompted to upload your CV and the target Job Description)


Thank you very much for sending the Motivation letter to me, I really liked it and couldn't have possibly written it any better! You summarised my ideas better than I could have done myself. Agaoin thanks a lot for all your help, I will let you know how I get on. Kind regards, Dina Ivanova, Manchester

Thanks for the letter. You've matched my skills exactly to their requirements, and highlighted my most relevant achievements. Just great! Will be using your services again soon no doubt!!! Danielle - Promotions Manager, Wirral

Thanks for the letter. First impressions are that it looks great! Marc, Marketing Manager, Dubai

I am delighted! Please go ahead and send to James Metzger - thank you for this. You'll receive contact from my good friend, Alizon soon. She is a scientist. I hope you will be able to help her too! I'll keep in touch! Warmest regards, Jackie - Facilities Manager - Huntindon


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