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We can write a persuasive, personalised and professional letter quickly and affordably..

  • Job 'Advert' Cover letter
  • Speculative job application letter
  • Follow-up interview letter
  • Acceptance letter
  • Request for salary increase letter
  • Resignation letter
  • Personal Thank-you letter
  • Complaints Letters to resolve a dispute
  • LinkedIn Testimonial / Reference letter  

We will ensure that your letter is perfect in presentation, sets the right tone, states your case and viewpoint, and lets your professionalism shine through. 

Writing an 'Advert' Response Job Application Letter

Perfection counts when writing a job application letter.  We analyse the job advert, identify required key skills, research the company, review your CV, and draw a match between your experience and the job spec. We know how important it is to select and position the right words, and to include evidence-based examples of accomplishments. This approach gains credibility and helps to ensure you reach the 'interview' pile!

Writing a `Speculative Job Application Letter´. . .

We discuss your objectives, and review your CV and the needs of the target company.  This approach enables us to better understand the type of role that interests you and the best way to target your letter to impress and capture the interest of the reader.

Follow-up interview letter

This letter can confirm your interest in the job and remind the interviewer of your application.  The 'thank you' letter might be the aspect of your application that sends the message you are the best candidate, and could influence who gets the job.

Job acceptance letter

Well done! Once you have the offer in writing, it is a good idea to formally confirm your acceptance in writing.  Even though you have been offered the job, you need to ensure your correspondence is professional.

Salary increase letter

This can be tricky and is often a letter people are reluctant to write.  We can write a letter that sets just the right diplomatic and persuasive tone.

Resignation letter

A letter of resignation often conjures up all sorts of confused emotions.  We are here to write a letter that is diplomatic and helps to ensure you maintain a good relationship with the company - especially useful if you need a reference!

Thank-you letter to Agencies / Head-hunters / Careers Advisors

A valuable letter you can write is to say "Thank-you, I appreciate the time ... ..."  The recruiter / head-hunter / careers advisor has spent time in helping your job search will find a thank you letter especially welcome.  Writing a thank you letter will help to maintain your network and keep the doors open.  No one gets tired of being thanked!

Personal letter

There are many reasons to write a personal letter and we can write a perfect letter on any subject; these can include letters of complaint, settling a dispute with a neighbour or colleague, challenging a fine or bank charge etc etc.

Testimonial / Reference letter

We can help if you are asked to write a Testimonial or Reference to support someone's job application or LinkedIn Profile.  Whether you are a neighbour, friend, business acquaintance, tutor, customer, accountant or fellow member of a club - we can write the letter on your behalf.

To take the next step . . . 

SEND AN EMAIL - attach relevant information - and we will provide a quote. If you order, a proof of your letter will be emailed to you.  As many proofs as necessary will be submitted until you are absolutely confident the letter will generate the desired results.  We offer a three-day turnaround or a 24hr express service (see prices below)  

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