Unsuccessful Interview? A post interview letter can still get the job!

The job interview went well - or so you thought!

The signs had been good. You were optimistic.

And then?

The 'thank-you but....' letter arrived!

Upsetting, yes!  But, not a total loss when you consider . . .

  • Your CV Resume application must have impressed
  • You were selected from amongst countless other candidates
  • There were two-way positive vibes throughout the interview

It's not the end of the story.  Keep a positive perspective.  There are steps you can take to turnaround the situation into a positive.

Writing a courteous post-interview 'thank you' letter is a great way to show your appreciation for the time they spent with you during the interview. 

You could indicate your continued interest in joining the company, and that you would welcome being contacted for any similar jobs in the future. Your professionalism, tenacity and commitment would be impressive.

There are many reasons why the company could benefit from hearing from you ..

  • The first choice applicant might not take up the position
  • The selected candidate might leave quickly
  • Other similar job vacancies might arise
  • By 'Keeping in touch' you communicate your continued interest
  • Your application has already successfully passed through the screening process so you are evidently a likely candidate
  • You could save the HR team the time + cost of restarting the hiring process from square one

If you need assistance to write your 'post interview letter' Send an Email 

Alternatively, select Cover Letter from any of the service options below. 

It could be the best £45.00 you have spent!


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