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Professionals worldwide have discovered how a well-written, targeted LinkedIn profile captures the attention - whether you are looking for a new job, expanding your business, or need an international client base? 

"Create the Perfect Linked In Profile - Transform Your Career' 

This ebook provides an easy to read step by step guide on how to craft a polished and effective LinkedIn. and grow your online brand.

Concise instructions on how to construct clear dialogue about your career, achievements and aspirations are vital to achieving an effective LinkedIn presence but of course not everyone has a natural talent for using strong, structured text to create a polished impression.  
Help is at hand with this straightforward stage-by-stage guide on how to create a LinkedIn profile that is as perfect as you can make it. 

"Create the Perfect Linked In Profile - Transform Your Career' 

Capturing the essence of everything you need to know to get the best results from being on LinkedIn, this ebook covers - how to craft a persuasive Summary, showcase your Career Experience, highlight Specialties and Skills, gain Recommendations, Network, and much more .. .. ... 

About The AuthorCPRW

Helga Edge MBA - is a consummate professional with a reputation for making sweeping changes in the lives of her clients by writing and updating their LinkedIn Profiles, CVs and Resumes.  Some of the world's most successful professionals have fast-tracked their careers under her guidance.



A powerful and engaging LinkedIn Profile will promote your personal brand, help you to meet well-connected peers who can introduce you to influential decision-makers and open up new opportunities.  Please GET IN TOUCH for a free appraisal of your LinkedIn Profile. 


  John Camm I have had the good fortune to know this lady author for almost 20
  years.  During that time she always been "ahead of the game", not just one
  step   but several.  I  do not hesitate in recommending you buy this ebook and
  then avail yourself of her vast experience and knowledge  

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