LinkedIn Jobsearch | Tips to grow your LinkedIn Profile presence

Need to accelerate your job search on LinkedIn?

Here's how to attain a Top Ranking LinkedIn Profile!

Optimise the four LinkedIn categories - Professional Headline, Title, Specialties, Industry - with the keywords Recruiters are likely to use to find a candidate.

To find out the best keywords to use, follow these few steps . . .

1. Go to the People tab and select Advanced Search
2. Enter keyword(s) that match your targeted job
3. Enter a zip code and distance quotient
4. Select your industry / market sector
5. Hit "Search"
6. Open the Profiles of the top names listed and review their key words. 

Here is an example ....

Professional headline - John Timms MBA

Marketing Consultancy | Brand Positioning | Communications Strategist | Business Planning |Interim Management 

Title - Sales & Marketing Manager
Location - London UK
Industry - Media

Specialist Skills . .

Sales Growth ♦ CRM Strategy ♦ Business Planning ♦ Account Management ♦ Business Development ♦ Account Direction ♦ Project Management ♦ New Market Entry ♦ New Business Start-up ♦ Marketing Communications ♦ Branding ♦  Commercial Development ♦ Team Leadership & Development ♦ Revenue Growth ♦ Budgets ♦ Pitch Development

These few optimisation initiatives will increase the chances of your LinkedIn Profile appearing at the top of recruiters' search results - and make a tremendous positive difference to shortening your job search.

If you need assistance to optimise your job search, EMAIL your
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Alternatively, if in the UK call 0203 4114 876
and overseas +34 965 771 175 


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