A Perfect CV's FIVE STAR LinkedIn Recommendations

Client feedback on LinkedIn Profile Writing Services


"Helga is definitely “the expert” in the field of CV and LinkedIn Profile writing. She quickly honed into and selected the best of my experience and achievements, prompted me for more detail, and wrote succinct, eye-catching text to capture the attention of my target audience. A highly professional, caring and personal service that exceeded my expectations.”"

Georgina Sinfield hired Helga more than once in March 2017


"Helga’s work is her passion – as is very evident by her efficient and high quality CV and LinkedIn Profile writing service. She used her intuition to accurately capture the full scope of my career, and with her magical way with words placed a focus on the skills most valued in my target job."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Joe O'Neill hired Helga as a CV and LinkedIn Profile Writer


"Helga has the professional capability, writing skills and job market expertise to deliver exactly what you are looking for to achieve your career objectives.  I have worked with Helga on two occasiions and she delivered great results."

Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value

Margarita Zouga PhD hired Helga more than once 


"Helga unlocked the full potential of my experience and skills to one of the top 10% most viewed LinkedIn Profiles.  I cannot recommend her enough!"

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Gordon Blake hired Helga as a CV and LinkedIn Profiler Writer


"Helga is an expert LinkedIn Profile and CV Writer. Her approach is creative, intuitive and directly in tune with today's job market. She is quick to grasp complex business issues, and with an easy flowing, persuasive writing style, presents key accomplishments from the perspective of potential employers and clients - ensuring great results."

Top qualities:Expert, High Integrity, Creative

1st Simon Pow hired Helga as a Writer/Editor in 2010, and hired Helga more than once


"Helga produced an absolutely perfect CV and LinkedIn Profile, quickly and with professional ease. She has the unique ability to capture every important detail, and ensure the CV promotes and showcases strengths, skills and accomplishments. She positions clients strategically in their target market to optimise the best job opportunities. Helga is certainly one of the best in her field and is totally focused upon exceeding your expectations

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Dave Woodhouse hired Helga as a Writer/Editor in 2011, and hired Helga more than once


"Helga provides her services in an amazing but professional manner, ensuring great communication throughout. She made my resume flow the best ever, and I will be in contact with her to update as my career changes. She was so easy to speak to and explain what you want. I really recommend her services to all including students.

Emmanuel Gabor

1st Emmanuel Gabor, Student, Cass Business School reported to Helga at A Perfect Profile


"Helga made a professional update of my CV highlighting the skills and background in a stylish modern 2 page overview. The result was that in approximately one week time I have had two positive reactions from recruiters. I´m happy with the result and I highly recommend Helga. Good job and thank you very much."January 4, 2011

Top qualities:Expert, Good Value, On Time

1st Cees Steenkuyl hired Helga as a Recruiter


"Helga is a professional personable career consultant who i have had the pleasure of working with for several years. Her superb low overhead, high quality output is invaluable in a busy environment - thoroughly recommended."March 18, 2010

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1st Kevin Linn hired Helga as a Business Consultant more than once


"Over the last 15 years my colleagues and I have referred a number of Senior Managers/Directors to Helga for help in a number of areas including Profile writing. This have been particularly helpful for individuals looking to make the transition from a permanent role to an Interim position.The quality of her work has always been first class."

1st James Metzger, Owner, METZGER SEARCH & SELECTION was with another company when working with Helga at A Perfect Profile





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