LinkedIn Company - Showcase Page

Is your company making best use of LinkedIn as a powerful sales tool to promote your brand?

Branding isn't an option anymore. 

LinkedIn's soaring world-wide popularity makes it the perfect platform to attract your prospects.

With LinkedIn Showcase Pages it is easy to drive even greater engagement and ensure your branding message reaches your target audience.

Showcase Pages are designed to help your company place the spotlight on your brand, product, services, and business updates, and build active relationships with your clients.

We can help you to create up to 10 irresistible SEO-friendly profile pages - one for each key aspect of your business - to target a specific market segment. Creating an individual Showcase page for each product or service, ensures your prospects can easily find relevant information on what interests them most.

Features and Benefits include . . .

• Distinct design with a large, welcoming 'banner' image.
• Two company logo images - standard and square - and website URL.
• An introductory Showcase Page profile.
• Two-column feed design to highlight content directly relevant to your market.
• Customized message(s) - on-brand information to support your value proposition.
• Uniquely rich, visual content - images, videos, slide-shares - to attract prospects.

Ongoing development options . . .

• Short + sweet updates - a title, image, short lead-in to encourage prospects to learn more 
• Create a sponsored update to increase lead generation, and build relationships with a target audience
• Analytics available on engagement, trends and the demographics of your followers.

The process . . .

We consult with you to gather information, provide insightful ideas, write a compelling SEO 'Showcase Page' and provide ongoing support and advice for a period of one month.

If you're looking to expand and row your business GET IN TOUCH for an initial consultation and quote.


Helga took the most salient points and developed a LinkedIn profile for me from my new CV. I’m highly satisfied with both the CV as well as the LinkedIn profile and can only recommend Helga. Whilst I consider myself fluent in English I’m not a native English speaker and would have never been able to develop such an accurate and to the point CV. I certainly haven’t regretted the investment and would do it again any time. Well done Helga  (2018)   Jan Schultheiss

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