LinkedIn Strategies - Ten Tips to drive your LinkedIn Profile Job Search

Need to optimise your LinkedIn jobsearch? Here are 10 Tips!

1. Profile

Make your Profile 100% complete to place you higher up in LinkedIn's search results. To achieve this it helps to secure Recommendations from people in your network.

Write lively, informative and engaging text - including professional experience and academic achievements - and integrate lots of searchable key words.

Like your CV Resume, your LinkedIn Profile should include content matched to your job target.

2.  First Impressions

Upload a professional head and shoulders photo.  Ensure you can be found by setting your Profile listing to "Public", and make regular updates to freshen your information and optimise your search ranking

3.  Professional Headline

Write a professional headline, including the job title(s) that match your area(s) of expertise and career aim.

4.  Summary

Craft a summary that show-cases not just your areas of expertise but differentiates you by providing a glimpse, an insight into your personality.  Include industry-specific key words, provide a succinct outline of your career, who you are, and one or two high impact accomplishments.

5. Content

Write a brief overview of each of your most recent jobs, include the skills and experience most relevant to your career target, and highlight your best contributions and achievments.

Write content to engage and retain the interest of your reader - and leave them wanting to learn more in an interview.

6.  Groups & Contacts

Expand your network of contacts and establish your personal brand by joining and contributing to the Groups most relevant to your interests and career. Connecting with and leveraging your connections really is a great way to search for jobs and get in touch with your target audience / companies / employers. 

Research the Profiles of and make contact with the people in your Groups who are employed in your target companies - they can provide valuable insights to support your interview presentation and decision-making.

7. Discussions

Offer insights into topics under discussion - your knowledge can help to build your profile as an expert, and open up new networking and job prospects.

8.  Jobsearch

LinkedIn's Job Board is another medium to find jobs - many of which are exclusive to LinkedIn and provide direct access to recruiters and employers.

9.  Research

You can research, assess and target Companies by geographical location and market sector

10.  Access Job Vacancies

LinkedIn will advise if any of the companies have posted job vacancies on the Job Board

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