LinkedIn Profile Tips to optimise your online brand

Ready to GROW your LinkedIn Network?

LinkedIn - with 400 million members - delivers powerful tools to ...

CPRWReconnect and engage with people you know

  • Leverage your career - tap into top job opportunities
  • Recruiters - find, review and contact job candidates
  • Increase face-to-face networking effectiveness
  • Identify potential new business opportunities
  • Grow sales: 43% of LinkedIn users are decision-makers
  • Build relationships with prospective & existing clients
  • Increase your brand and presence in the market place
  • Research companies and identify who is hiring
  • Assess and access worldwide job opportunities
  • Search for experts, hires, references, consultants, service providers
  • LinkedIn Profiles rank high on Google - control your personal brand 

In today´s competitive market and only seconds to capture attention,your Profile has to be focused to increase your chances from the start. 

Here are a few tips to maximise and ensure your profile is memorable .  . .

  • Keep your Home page up to date
  • Customise - individualise your profile
  • Update your status regularly with new successes
  • Generate Google traffic by using the index option
  • Join Groups, provide your expert opinion to help others
  • Post questions to enable others to provide their professional advice
  • Request Recommendations from members who have used your service

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