Why a LinkedIn Profile? Great benefits for LinkedIn members!

LinkedIn is the perfect social and business network

Leveraged correctly, LinkedIn offers priceless opportunities in the following areas . .

Job Search & Recruitment 

  1. job searchers gain insight into the careers of people in target companies
  2. LI provides lists of open jobs, pre-matched to each member's career / industry
  3. recruiters access a goldmine in terms of high quality candidates
  4. job searchers contact influential decision-makers in target companies
  5. companies can leverage LinkedIn's network to advertise jobs
  6. members build networks for career development and to make business connections

Groups - Meet up & network

  1. post to a Group - make more business contacts and expand your network
  2. form relationships / partnerships with people sharing similar interests and aims 
  3. build credibility with potential customers and suppliers
  4. connect and catch up with former clients, co-workers and friends
  5. participate in, share ideas and learn from useful discussions
  6. find and connect with people in a very specific location and/or field
  7. keep abreast of industries, new trends, products and services
  8. gain access to and/or create events - LinkedIn Events corresponds to real events, tradeshows, conferences, fundraising, and training seminars

Research & Learn

  1. reach out to people globally across a broad spectrum of commerce and industry
  2. share problems, share leads, ask for help and generate solutions
  3. access great mentors and a fantastic repository of information
  4. generate contacts and referrals for products and services
  5. capture insight into cultures, viewpoints, perspectives from people around the world
  6. gain free advice on improving the design and content of your CV Resume Profile
  7. access expertise with dissertations, projects, research, surveys, assignments                            

As a former Recruiter, and a MBA and CPRW - I specialise in writing compelling, job targeted LinkedIn Profiles - with text that conveys your personality, areas of expertise and verifiable accomplishments to accelerate your career. 

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