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Six steps to the perfect MBA Career

What is an MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration - a high calibre postgraduate degree that is recognised by global top tier organisations, and can open up superb career opportunities in competitive job markets.  

An MBA, with its focus on teamwork and shared multinational experiences, positions you to deliver ground-breaking results in exciting, complex and changing environments.

A milestone in the career of any professional with a business degree, the MBA is certain to enhance your salary and promotion prospects even in a market downturn. 

Moreover, job market trends indicate that MBAs move up the promotion ladder faster, enjoy a wider range of Career Choices, and earn more than those without the qualification. It is a well-known fact, MBAs are in high demand by top companies world-wide. 

What makes a successful MBA

· Talented individuals with strong academic and professional backgrounds
· Motivated high-achievers, committed to excellence in their chosen careers
· Culturally diverse with an international approach to business
· Communicative team players, interested in seeing others' viewpoints
· Tenacious, creative, intuitive - with an ability to think outside the box
· Methodical and organised, with an ability to manage time effectively
· Able to see financial and strategic impacts on an organization as a whole

Applying to MBA business schools

With personal attention, we research the school, program and course to help you strengthen your application with an influential, compelling Statement in Support to ...

· Ensure that you stand out from the rest
· Make clear your aspirations, hopes and career goals
· Communicate how much the degree means to you
· Convey your strengths - writing with fresh and lively terminology
· Express your commitment and the value you can offer the business school
· Generate interest with real life examples of your experiences and how they have shaped your determination to succeed on the program

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