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Select your Career Category from the 'drop down' Menu or the 'Service Option' at the foot of the page

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How to choose your career category

If you are a ...

a) Student without work experience, select  'Students' - working exclusively with you, we highlight your studies, qualifications, work experience, and the skills most relevant to your target job (it is helpful if you can attach a typical job target)

b) Student or Graduate with work experience, select Students / Graduates - we highlight your qualifications, skills and achievements during studies and in the work environment, especially those most relevant to your target career (it is helpful if you can attach a typical job target)

c) person who has held more than two jobs / careers, select 'More than two careers'   - we highlight your qualifications, training, initiatives, skills and key results - matching these directly to your chosen career path (it is helpful if you indicate your target role)

d) a Junior, Middle or Senior Manager, select 'Junior, Mid- Senior Managers' - we showcase your qualifications, training, and career progression, with a focus on the expertise sought by the recruiter (it is helpful if you can indicate your career target)

e) a Board Member, CEO or Business Owner, select 'Board, CEO, Proprietor' - working exclusively with you, we will capture the full scope of your career, however, the focus will be on the most recent and relevant - covering market, scope of activity, and examples of achievements  (it is helpful if you can indicate your career target)

What to do if I do not match a career category

Please CONTACT US - attach your CV, if available, and provide a time and phone or Skype number when we can call you. 


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CEO, Director, Consultant

We focus on Results ..

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Junior, Mid- Senior Managers

We spotlight your expertise, leadership, results ..

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More than two careers

We place the spotlight on your skills, experience, drive & personality ..

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Students | Graduates

We highlight how your skills, projects, teamwork, and placements match your job target. Prices ..

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