Help to complete an Application Form

Advice on completing an Application Form or Writing a Statement

Dreading completing application form? No time to write a Personal Statement? We have the solution!

Recruiters rely on application forms and personal statements to collect information, screen and select candidates.  We know that writing a personal statement, completing application forms, and answering questions takes time and patience.  The following extract is an example of an application answer that demonstrates a huge range of skill, knowledge, initiative, and enthusiasm.  

Describe how your experience, qualifications, competencies match the role of HR Manager

       I am very interested in the position of HR Manager, as the role relates directly to my qualifications and employee resourcing experience in the challenging, yet stimulating field of human resources management.

        Presently in the Final year of my MSc in HR Management, I have built upon a wealth of practical experience to gain a deeper technical knowledge of strategic HRM - including employee relations, business and employment law, employee engagement and the rules, regulations and ethics that govern HRM.  My BA (Hons) Business Studies placement took place in the Middle East, and this provided a perfect opportunity to work and socialise with people from multi-ethnic backgrounds.  

        During my degrees, I have valued being able to further develop the analytical thinking, problems solving, organisational planning, communication, presentational and IT skills I harnessed during my career. 

        Since joining the University of ……. as an Administrator, I have enjoyed a progressively successful career.  Commencing as a Careers Assistant, I provided a first point of contact, support and advice to tutors and students.  Within 12-months I was promoted to Recruitment & Admissions Assistant, a role that involved organising opening days, welcoming new students, administering admissions and acting as a point of reference for students and lecturers. I was soon promoted to Events Organiser - responsible for interviewing students and staff, managing events, delivering presentations and ... ...

      In addition, I can offer a wealth of experienced gained during worldwide travels.  My ability to speak and write English fluently, combined with a fair understanding of Arabic, has proved a tremendous asset when communicating with multinational colleagues. 

        In conclusion, I am confident that  … …. make a very positive contribution to …          __________________________________________________________________

Reading the above, you will notice that every line conveys the applicant´s skill, and `can do´ positive attitude. There is huge competition in the job market today, and recruiters have to sift through volumes of application forms for each position. A perfectly produced application form will make sure you are positioned at the top of the pile. 

Before writing your application answers, we will:
·       Review your CV Resume and any other information you provide
·       Read the job advert,  job description and person spec to identify required skills
·       Research both the company and the industry 

How do we ensure your success?  We will:
·       Ensure your application form answers are error-free, clear and easy to read
·       Communicate your value - your hard and soft skills, experience and achievements
·       Include all the key words related to the position
·       Present you in a positive, confident, credible and professional light
·       Include information that you can substantiate at interview

For a no obligation quote for completing your application form question(s) or writing a statement, email your CV Resume, details of the job, the question(s) and number of words allocated for each question / the personal statement -  and we will reply by return.

As a guide the fees are : 
100 word question is     25.00
200 word question is     45.00
400 word question is     80.00
450 word question is     90.00
A4 Personal Statement 140.00  
Minimum order £80.00.  Orders over 200.00 receive a 10% discount


I can't thank you enough for your help and for putting up with all the redrafting and last minute changes!  We put through all your recommendations (and even convinced Aliza to change her favourite phrase "I was filled with apprehension" to "I was apprehensive". With many, many thanks,  Naila - HR Business Partner

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