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There’s a famous maxim .. “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” This investment in your career will be rewarded by a high level of personal, professional service - designed to exceed your expectations and ensure your differentiation in a competitive market.

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Although the focus at this top-tier level will be on your most recent roles, we ensure your career progression is evident.

Your Executive-level CV / Resume will reflect your consistent corporate growth, business strategy, special roles, market sector(s), geographical scope and operational environment(s). 

Additional information may cover ... driving operational excellence, turnarounds, ROI, business generation, revenue and profit growth, restructures, initiatives, cultural and organisational change, alliances, M&As, divestments, high performance team building, and more ...

Implicit in the writing will be evidence of character traits .. .. drive and enthusiasm, tenacity, initiative, confidence, empowering leadership, influential people skills, analytical and conceptual thinking, relationship building, management of change, ability to handle complexity and manage pressure 

We transform the CVs and Resumes that are complex, highly technical, and unnecessarily lengthy - with ease!




Please note when a career is exceptionally lengthy or complex, we will contact you before processing the order

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