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CPRWNeed your Resume to impress, convince and persuade? Yes?  

Here are a few tips to writing a Resume to set you apart from other candidates .. ..

Content - prioritise your information; commence with a powerful PROFILE to showcase how your skills and experience relate directly to the job description.

Keywords - on-line Resume submissions are searched by key-words so include words and phrases that are relevant to your skills and market sector; for example, an IT Consultant might include the words 'Microsoft Certification', 'C++ and Javascript'

Credibility - validate and place positive claims in context; for example, if you have reduced costs, be explict and state precisely what you did, how you did it and the bottom line added value benefit. Where possible include key metrics.

Selectivity - don't be repetitive; if you include a full outline of every role you've ever held then you shouldn't be surprised if your reader falls asleep. Ensure every line is impactful and adds value to your resume in a different way. Don't write a life story!

Presentation - design is important so make sure your resume is visually appealing, easy on the eye, streamlined with clearly defined sub-headings to signpost the way to each section ... Career Overview ... Specialisms ... Career ... Qualifications ... etc

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