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A problem encountered when writing Resumes centres around people's ability to remember their achievements since their last Resume was produced.

CPRWConsequently, the important 'gems' - key awards and achievements - often become overlooked.

For this reason, it is well worth the effort in keeping a note of the positives in your career as they happen - don't wait until you need to change jobs and time is of the essence. Perhaps you . . .

• Exceeded targets despite market downturn
• Managed complex change within timescale and budget
• Gained promotion with increasing levels of responsibility
• Developed team members into a far more responsible roles
• Built a knowledge-sharing culture of continuous improvement
• Designed and implemented more cost-efficient business processes; example ..
• Sourced new suppliers, achieving price, quality and reliability benefits

Presuming that you will remember the "gems" when in a rush, under pressure or not in the best of spirits, may be unrealistic.

Freshen your Resume format.  What looked professional two years ago can well look tired today! To keep abreast of current trends, research the internet and compare the designs of Resumes in your career sector. A good Resume writing service should be ahead of the market and ensure your Resume is visually appealing and contemporarily stylish.

We can provide you with a completely free, no obligation appraisal and a quote for turning your Resume into an outstanding document.  Resume updates include . . .

a) developing and rewriting new text to capture up to date skills, experience, qualifications and achievements

b) drawing a close match between your skills and experience and your target role

c) writing or updating your Profile - highlighting strengths - defining your objective - introducing key words

d) integrating the new information into your Resume

e) reviewing, editing and streamlining existing text to eliminate duplication or out of date information

f) streamlining the format into an up to the minute professional presentation

g) emailing as many proofs as necessary until you are happy with the result

If you need a quote to update your Resume, CONTACT US.  Include a brief outline of what you have been doing since your Resume was produced and if you are applying for a specific postion, send details of the job advert / description and person specification etc. 

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